Tuesday, 7 November 2017

The Bad Rabbit Ransomware Can Kill People & Computers – How Safe Are You?

Malware is a malicious software, which is designed to disrupt your system’s performance by silently gaining its access without your consent. 

The word malware is formed with the combination of two words including malicious and software. It picks ‘MAL’ from the word ‘Malicious’, and ‘ware’ from the word, ‘Software’ respectively. Moving forward to ransomware, it is known as the subset of malware. It encrypts the entire data of the targeted system. A malware becomes ransomware when the targeted user is informed about it, and asked to pay money (ransom) to get back to the up and running condition.

Have you ever imagined that a ransomware can make someone die, if the apt action is not taken at the right time? How…?

What if a doctor is unable to instantly access the data of a patient due to the ransomware attack on the hospital’s server? This situation can be extremely serious.
Here, we will learn about the latest strain of ransomware, known as ‘Bad Rabbit’, which has created a fuss in the entire IT arena. Rabbits are usually considered among the most elegant mammals on the planet. But, in technology sector, the name rabbit has emerged as Bad Rabbit, affecting a massive number of computers worldwide.
How the user is infected with ‘Bad Rabbit’ ransomware?
The moment a user visits an infected website, they usually see a prompt window, asking about downloading Adobe Flash update. Once the user downloads this file, their system is hit by this deadly Bad Rabbit ransomware. It is not merely limited to attack that computer, but also tightens its clutches on the entire computer network. The ‘Bad Rabbit’ ransomware is too bad that it encrypts most of the files on your system. Moreover, it restricts you to use your computer, and demands a ransom of around $280 for correcting it. The moment, ransomware message is flashed on the screen, it also shows a countdown timer. If the user does not pay the amount before the countdown ends, the ransom gets increased. It has already attacked on countries including Ukraine, Japan, Bulgaria, Turkey and some other parts of the world. If we discuss the maximum damage made by bad rabbit ransomware, then Russia is the country, which is extremely affected by it.

What tool bad rabbit ransomware uses for extracting user information and encrypting the system’s files?
The tool used by ‘Bad Rabbit’ ransomware for obtaining the user credentials from the targeted system is known as ‘Mimikats’. And, it makes use of DiskCryptor program for encrypting the system’s hard drive through RSA 2048 keys.     

What are the files that are affected through bad rabbit ransomware?
Here are the files that are majorly hit by this bad rabbit malware:
.Java, .aspx, .asp, .cs, ai, .disk, .mdb, .php, .zip, .xls, .sql, .odc, .mdb, , .doc, .docx, .cpp, .ova, and many more.
What can be done to stay protected against bad rabbit?
Regular System Update: The best way to stay protected against this deadly Bad Rabbit ransomware is to keep your software and operating system updated on the regular interval.

Trustworthy Download: Ensure that you are downloading content from the reliable resources (websites, apps, etc.).

Updated Antivirus: Never forget to install a reliable antivirus and update its virus definition database regularly. This can certainly help you secure your IT infra.

User Policies and Rights: The next step is to setup the right user policies. The admin rights should be limited to very few people, and the password mechanism should be very strong. There should be a policy to lock the profile or account of a user, if multi login failure attempts are found.
Data Backup: Make sure to back up your data regularly. Data backup is extremely helpful to recover your sensitive data at the time of any abrupt Internet attack. 

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The Bad Rabbit Ransomware Can Kill People & Computers – How Safe Are You?

Malware is a malicious software, which is designed to disrupt your system’s performance by silently gaining its access without your consen...